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What's coming up, updated 16th April, 2021

Afternoons with Deborah Knight

This afternoon, Deborah Knight is back with the latest in Entertainment, News and the latest topics you need to know about.

Australia Overnight with Michael McLaren

If you're a night owl, Australia Overnight is here to keep you company. Stay informed and entertained till the early hours, tonight from Midnight.

Australia Overnight with Tony Moclair

Join Australia Overnight to help you get through the early hours with News, views and laughter from midnight tonight.

Money News with Brooke Corte

Tonight from 7 on Money News, Brooke Corte has the latest analysis for you, on the economy and the world of business.

Neil Mitchell Show

Neil Mitchell is back with you again this morning,bringing you all the news and views of the day.

Nights Denis Walter

Denis Walter returns tonight from 8PM talking footy, finance gardening and more.

Nights John Stanley - Luke Grant filling in from 12.04.21-16.04.21

John Stanley joins you from 8PM tonight, to keep you up to date with what happened in the day and the latest breaking news.

Ray Hadley Morning Show

Ray Hadley back with you again this morning, talking about the issues that matter and the guests that count.

Tom Elliott Show

Tom Elliott is back to take you through to the end of your day, keeping you up to date with everything that's happening, including the UK Report with Malcolm Stuart.

Wide World of Sports

The Wide World Of Sports back this evening, with all the big names and the insights that matter

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