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Last Updated: 20 May, 2022

Afternoons with Deborah Knight
Deborah Knight joins you this afternoon, with the latest in news, entertainment and technology.

(Friday, 19/05/22) This afternoon Deb is joined by Angus Taylor & Joel Fitzgibbon for Question time...Richard Hummerston from Blue Bet is in to provide details on Election Betting and Friday food, it's all about Honey on this World Bee Day with the founder, Deborah Mclaughlin of 'The Honey Thief' talking about all things sweet.

Afternoons with Sofie Formica
Join Sofie Formica this afternoon for the latest in breaking news and the issues that matter.

(Friday, 19/05/22) Today, Sofie's special guest will be Karl Stefanovic. He'll be talking about his Gold Logie nomination and the Election campaign. That should be an interesting chat - you never know what'll happen with Karl!

Neil Mitchell Show
Neil Mitchell is with you this morning,talking about all the news and opinions that matter.

Nights Denis Walter
Denis Walter is with you tonight from 8PM talking footy, finance gardening and more.

Nights John Stanley
John Stanley joins you tonight, to keep you up to date with what's happened in the day and the latest breaking news.

Ray Hadley Morning Show
Ray Hadley joins you this morning, with the issues that matter and the guests that count.

(Friday, 20/05/22) Penrith Panthers legend, Royce Simmons joins Ray with a Royce's Big Walk update this morning...And Australian Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers talks to us about how you can vote if you've had COVID-19 in the last week.

Tom Elliott Show
Tom Elliott will be taking you through to the end of the day, he'll keep you up to date with everything that's happening.

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